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Monday, April 07, 2008

State repression of Egyptian workers movement

ACTION ALERT: Workers shot, hundreds arrested in Egypt

The Egyptian government has shot workers and arrested hundreds of activists in response to the latest in a series of mass strikes.

Please protest immediately to the Egyptian embassy at admin@embassyhomepage.com

The statement from Cairo Conference activists (below) should be circulated as widely as possible.

John Rees, vice president (Europe), the Cairo Conference

Stop the repression of the Egyptian workers movement
In response to a call for a strike on April 6th by the workers in the Mahallah textile complex, the biggest factory in Egypt, the Mubarak regime decided to occupy El-Mahalla complex with security forces, abduct strike committee leaders Kamal El-Faioumy and Tarek Amin and arrest political activists of every political tendency in Cairo and other cities.

Not able to suppress the protests, the Mubarak security forces used
rubber-bullets, tear-gas, and live ammunition against the Mahallah people who decided to protest on the streets of the city and in different villages, leaving at least two dead and hundreds injured and around 800 arrested.

We send our solidarity to the Egyptian workers and their supporters. We call on the Egyptian dictatorship to release the 800 detained yesterday including more than 150 political activists (socialists, liberals, and Islamists), more than 600 protestors from Mahallah (mainly women and children) and Mahalah strike Committee leaders.

For more information see here and here.

Yasqot Mubarak! (Down with Mubarak!)



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