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'Historical materialism is the theory of the proletarian revolution.' Georg Lukács

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Living Dead

After the strange death of New Labour at the Crewe and Nantwich General Infirmary, prepare to witness the nightmare of the living dead...

#1. David Miliband

'I couldn't hear what he was saying, but something about his face - just his sodding face - revolted me on a deep and primal level. It was chilling, unsettling - like watching a haunted ventriloquist's dummy slowly turn its head through 360 degrees. "Who is this grinning homunculus," I thought, "and what does he want from me?"'

#2 Gordon Brown

'Ghastly and nightmarish though Miliband may be, he's got nothing on gloomy Gordon Brown, who increasingly resembles a humourless, imposing old butler slowly creaking the mansion door open in a Frankenstein movie. Prime Minister Igor, the shuffling fun-free zone.'

#3 Jack Straw

Aka The Demon Headmaster

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