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'Historical materialism is the theory of the proletarian revolution.' Georg Luk√°cs

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Another intermission

Am away at Marxism 2008 over the next week or so, so this blog may well go rather quiet for a bit. Sorry about that. If you are not going to Marxism, I suggest you make do with reading, or perhaps rereading, Charlie Brooker on Dave Cameron until I get back. If you get through all that, and for some reason are still hanging around this blog in a state of expectation or a state or absolute boredom, then, I don't know, go and read some Karl Marx or a novel or something. Maybe a classical novel by Leo Tolstoy or Jane Austen. Yeah, go and read some Tolstoy or Austen. Or just find another blog to read. Or just do or read something else. It shouldn't be that hard.

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At 9:02 am, Blogger paddington said...

You old Lukacsian, you!


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