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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

International Socialism 120

Online now: International Socialism 120
Highlights include: Afghanistan: the case against the “good war” /Jonathan Neale
A crisis for the centre of the system/ Andrew Kliman
Snapshots of union strengths and weaknesses / Chris Harman
Where is the radical left going? /Alex Callinicos
Decyphering The Internationale / Donny Gluckstein
Marxism and ethics / Paul Blackledge
A fiftieth birthday for Marxist theory / Ian Birchall. This last article is a succinct history of the journal, from its founding in 1958 to the present day. An extract:

There are close on 1,000 articles plus editorials, reviews and letters. Obviously the quality is uneven. There are mediocre, boring and obscure articles, and polemics that seemed terribly important at the time but are now of little interest. There are also some historical curiosities of particular interest to students of renegacy. These include youthful efforts by Christopher Hitchens, actually more intelligent and better written than his current output...However, overall a collection of the two series provides a rich store of political analysis and commentary. In comparison with its main rival, New Left Review, which for long periods produced relatively little that was directly relevant to contemporary struggle, International Socialism was always geared to practice, to an interpretation of the current world in the perspective of changing it.

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