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Monday, December 08, 2008

Reasons to be cheerful # 94

One of the few positive things about the global capitalist crisis is that it has led to the resuscitation of some superb Marxist blogs which had gone somewhat quiet of late but have now returned with a vengeance. Take for example, Monuments are for Pigeons, by the Canadian socialist 'Victor Serge'. As well as posts on the capitalist crisis, there are ruminations on why localism is no challenge to global capital, discussion of the politics of Barack Obama, reflections on what its like to go on strike as a low-paid part-time lecturer when its cold, and even a review of 'Rock the Dock' a (worthy but slightly uneven in quality if I remember rightly) album produced at the height of Britpop in solidarity with the Liverpool Dockers who went on strike in 1997 and were ultimately sold out by the trade union bureaucracy in league with New Labour. Oh, and there are some other reasons to be cheerful in the midst of the crisis - it is not just part-time lecturers in Canada who are striking back - the Greek working class is starting to fight back big time...

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At 1:00 am, Blogger DJN said...

Hooray - Monuments for Pigeons is back. That was always one of my favourites.

My blog is not yet up and running...I've become too immersed in some campaigns to find time to write.


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