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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Right to Work Conference 22 May

Fighting for the Right to Work in the 1970s

Come to the Right to Work conference on 22 May...

Greece is in meltdown as the European Union and International Monetary Fund demand vicious austerity measures. Workers, students and pensioners are on the streets, striking and fighting back.

Events in Greece are a warning of what can happen here as all the main parties champion austerity measures. All political parties are planning harsher and more sustained cuts to public services than those under Margaret Thatcher’s governments, but politicians are keeping the public in the dark about their plans, the Institute for Fiscal Studies claimed on Tuesday.

The Right to Work emergency conference on 22 May aims to plan and co-ordinate resistance to such moves. The National Union of Teachers annual conference voted unanimously on Easter Monday to back the emergency post-election conference Right to Work is organising on Saturday 22 May at Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, central London .

Jeremy Corbyn MP, Tiana Andreou an Executive member of the Greek civil service union and Tiago Gillot, a member of the national leadership of the Portuguese Left Bloc and a pokesperson of Precários Inflexíveis ("Unflexible precarious workers"), will be joining Mark Serwotka general secretary PCS & Pete Murray president of the National Union of Journalists on the platform. The latest speakers to confirm are Dot Gibson, general secretary of the National Pensioners Convention and Adrian Ramsey Deputy Leader of tjhe Green Party and John McDonnell MP. But in addition to such headline speakers the conference will involve workshops where we can plan action and learn from each other.

George Osborne promises and emergency budget within 50 days of a Tory win. Alastair Darling followed up his budget by promising to *impose "deeper and tougher" spending cuts than those of Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s if Labour survives in office. This emergency conference is aimed at developing & co-ordinating the resistance to a cuts package & austerity measures which will follow the general election as surely as night follows day. This conference is aimed at all those who rely on state schools, state pensions and state hospitals.

Its being called under the slogans, "Defend our Services, Fight for Every Job, Organise Solidarity & Resistance." We cannot sleep walk into an election knowing that vicious cuts are coming without organising for resistance. We need to get delegates to the 22 May conference from every possible trade union body, student unions, pensioner’s organisations, local cuts and other campaign bodies.

Edited to add: An injury to one is an injury to all - support this outstanding trade union militant and socialist who has been sacked



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