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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Support the Anti-Academies Alliance

No more Academies - No 'Free' Schools - Defend State Education

The Government's Academies Bill is being rushed through Parliament. It proposes that all 'Outstanding' Schools are given the automatic right to become Academies, following a vote of the Governors. They will not be required to consult parents, teachers, school support staff or the local community. All other schools are also invited to apply to become Academies.

At a stroke this could take hundreds of the most successful schools out of local authority control. This would leave local authorities managing the schools with the most difficulties, with diminishing budgets.

Michael Gove has written to every school in the country. In it he offers
* freedom from local authority control;
* ability to set your own pay and conditions for staff;
* freedom from following the national curriculum;
* ability to change the length of terms and school days;
* having greater control over school budgets; and
* freedom to spend the money the local authority currently spends on your behalf.

In reality this means the end of the state education system as we know it. In every city and town we need to start to prepare to resist these proposals.



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