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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Protest on Budget Day against Con-Dem Cuts

“If this government picks a fight we will be fierce defenders of our members and the services they deliver. We will organise public meetings and street demonstrations.”
Dave Prentis, Unison union general secretary.

Unfortunately it is not a question of 'if' but 'when', and we already know the date of that - Tuesday 22 June, as the chancellor George Osborne delivers his Budget of savage cuts - which as well as being a profound injustice in themselves can only further deepen the already grotesque social inequality in British society. To take just one day earlier this month, 9 June, one can read how the disgraced former Royal Bank of Scotland boss Sir Fred Goodwin, already one of Britain's richest individuals and one of the complete and utter bankers partly individually responsible for the current crisis, splashes out on £3.5 million on a new veritable mansion while trying to get by on his £16 million pension (a pension paid for by the taxpayer) - while the same day it is announced a scheme costing £8.4 million to give free meals to primary school children in Bradford will be axed. While I am reluctant as a Marxist to 'get biblical' here, the age old law of class society, expressed in the 'parable of the talents' seems to have returned with a vengeance with these Tory cuts: 'For everyone who has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him'. It is on Budget Day then that the public resistance against the Con-Dem's programme of misery and impoverishment for the many and riches for the few has to begin in earnest - fortunately the Right to Work campaign has already begun to organise protests which people should try and join if possible.

Central London 11 am Downing Street
North London 12 noon, Whittington Hospital, 5pm, Islington town hall
Hackney 6pm, Hackney town hall
Lewisham 6pm, at the clock tower
Lambeth 6pm, Lambeth town hall
Southwark 5.30pm, Elephant & Castle
Manchester 6pm, Piccadilly Gardens
Newcastle 5pm, the Monument
Leeds 6pm, Victoria Gardens
Birmingham 5pm, Government House
Sheffield 5pm, town hall
Bolton 12 noon-2pm, town hall
Southampton 5.30pm, town hall
Glasgow 3pm, onwards, George Sq
Edinburgh 6pm, City Square
Cardiff 5pm, Welsh Assembly
Liverpool 5pm, Town Hall
Camden 6pm, Town Hall
College North East London 12.30
Nottingham 5pm, Market Square
Cambridge 5.30pm, Cambs Guildhall
Luton 12 noon, town hall steps
Dundee 5pm, City Square
Portsmouth 12.30, Victoria Park
Ramsgate 12.30pm, Town Centre
Canterbury 5.30pm, Canterbury Library
Medway 5.30pm, council offices

For further info visit: www.righttowork.org.uk



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