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Friday, November 05, 2010

Revolutionary new cure for insomnia found?

Do you suffer from insomnia?

Fear not, a revolutionary new cure for insomnia may just be around the corner!

For years Dr Gordon Brown has dilligently been working at finding a cure for insomnnia. Over the years many thousands of people who suffer from sleep deprivation have found some relief from Dr. Brown's tireless labours in this field - and many hundreds of people have already bought such tried and tested products such as Courage, Britain's Everyday Heroes as well as such classic products as Moving Britain Forward: Speeches 1997–2006 and The Change We Choose: Speeches 2007-9.*

But now Dr. Brown thinks he may have found the perfect formula for tackling insomnia - and next month will see the exciting new release of Beyond the Crash: Overcoming the First Crisis of Globalisation which promises to be the most comprehensive one-dose treatment for sleep deprivation ever put onto the market!**

'He has an incredible legacy: he improved the lives of millions of people here and around the world.'
One happy amnesia sufferer, Mr. E. Miliband pays tribute to Dr. Gordon Brown

*32 copies sold to date!

**Important Health warning. May have unexpected side-effects. Previous medicinal treatments of Dr. Brown's have induced nausea and vomiting. Moving Britain Forward: Speeches 1997–2006 for example may have included traces of such toxic ingredients as "No Return to Tory Boom and Bust under New Labour" and his speeches to City bankers: "You are the wealth creators, the men and women who make our nation more prosperous'', and "What you, as the City of London, have achieved for financial services we, as a government, now aspire to achieve for the whole economy". His Speeches 2007-9 may have included traces of the old British Union of Fascists' favourite "British Jobs for British workers" and, in another speech to bankers, "The financial services sector in Britain and the City of London at the centre of it, is a great example of a highly skilled, high value added, talent driven industry that shows how we can excel in a world of global competition. Britain needs more of the vigour, ingenuity and aspiration that you already demonstrate that is the hallmark of your success."

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