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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Commercial break

Racists and reactionaries in Britain spend a lot of time this time of year bemoaning the way Christmas as a festival is somehow under threat, somehow in danger as a result of secularism and multiculturalism, as if amid all the Con-Dem cuts and economic austerity, the Xmas question is the critical issue facing our crisis-hit society. Yet you can hardly switch on the TV or walk through any urban environment without being hit by a barrage of corporate propaganda and advertising about Xmas - which has indeed for a while now come apparently officially sponsored by Coca-Cola. Given this, I guess it is good to see there are a number of 'socialist gifts' out there on the market - for example the mug above from Philosophy Football or an equally cool range of mugs and other gifts can be found on the Red Stuff Shop (including an incredibly popular 'Stuff the Wedding - Fight the Cuts' range and an equally respectful and tasteful 'Ding Dong Thatcher's Gone! Party Pack' - both which should come in handy in the months ahead...

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