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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Stand Up to Trump's Racism - and lets bring down May

Join the mass protests erupting across the UK and internationally in solidarity with the Muslim community internationally, and in solidarity with the inspiring protests in the US - including the demonstrations on Saturday 4 February against Trump's Muslim ban and May's support for Trump.  After this weekend the next demos are likely to be on 20 February as that is when Parliament is debating Trump's possible state visit - and then the TUC backed national Stand Up to Racism demonstration on Saturday 18 March for UN Anti-Racism Day.   A new movement is being born - a bit akin to the 1960s civil rights movement - against Trump - and May's support for Trump is currently the Achilles heel of the Tory government - lets keep up the momentum and stop Trump's state visit and bring down May's government! As Gary Younge rightly says, 'We have to show solidarity with people in the US—but we have to bring it home as well'.

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Watership Down - A Marxist analysis

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Possibly not the most critical question confronting the international working class movement in the age of Trump, but if anyone is interested in a Marxist analysis of  Richard Adams's Watership Down there is one in the latest Socialist Review, alongside much else....

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