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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Foreword

A Foreword to A Worker Looks At History, by Mark Starr.

'This little book will be welcomed by the many students of the Central Labour College Classes, and the thousands of intelligent young workers who are seeking knowledge of Industrial History.

The enlightenment the worker needs is coming to him, and coming much quicker than is generally discerned. It is coming not from class-biased University professors, but from men of his own industrial organisation. The industrial worker of the coming generation will be intellectually equipped, not for "Collective Bargaining" with his employer, but for taking over and controlling his own industry.

Our author has well qualified himself for the work he has undertaken. He has specialised on his subject, he is teacher of Industrial History in the Central Labour College classes in his own locality. He therefore knows what information the worker needs, and has provided it. These classes, Mr.Times Man, are producing the "Ferment of Revolution" you so much dread - a revolution of the most fearsome type for the Capitalist and the Bureaucrat; a revolution from ignorance to knowledge - the most potent form of revolution conceivable. This change is taking place right under our very eyes; silent, yet the most powerful in history. This book will hasten it. As one of the Old Guard to one of the New, I wish his venture good speed, and congratulate the author on his successful achievement.

George Barker,
Miners' Agent, Abertillery, Mon.
22nd October, 1917.'



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