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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Emergency protest / National Demonstration: No attack on Syria

From the Stop the War Coalition:
No attack on Syria
Protest 5pm, Wednesday 28 August, Downing Street, London

Britain, France and the US are committing to another disastrous military intervention. Apart from the inevitable casualties, any attack on Syria can only inflame an already disastrous civil war and would risk pulling in regional powers further.

Most people in this country have learnt from the disasters of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. According to a Telegraph/YouGov poll on Sunday only 9% of the British public would support troops being sent to Syria, and only 16% support sending more arms to the region. Our politicians however have learnt nothing.

 We need the maximum level of protest to stop them plunging us in to yet another catastrophic war.

 Edited to add:
 National Demonstration: Saturday 31 August, 12 noon, Embankment, London

Edited to also add, read Joseph Daher, Alex Callinicos, Judith Orr and see this statement from Syrian revolutionary socialists.

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