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Monday, January 22, 2007

Sasha Simic

There is some unbelieveable dross on the Guardian's Comment is free site sometimes - whether it is Tristram Hunt trying to tell us that Frederick Engels would have saluted the 'revolutionary genius' of the London Stock Exchange today as 'the trading of shares accelerated the concentration of capital' to Nick Cohen regarding Stop the War marchers as objectively pro-fascist and John Harris getting confused as to the purposes of anti-war demonstrations (despite the fact Britain is occupying two Muslim countries illegally and is joining the US in threatening war against a third).

What a relief therefore to read socialist Sasha Simic reporting from the World Social Forum in Kenya:

'I got a reminder of how the defeat of an imperial power can echo in the hearts of the oppressed. I was waiting for the march to begin clutching an anti-Bush poster to my chest. A middle-aged man in raggedy clothes on his way to the demo passed me, did a double take and moved towards me. He stretched out his hand and we shook. "My name" he said with pride, "is Vietnam".'

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