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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Democracy Day My Arse

Today is apparently 'Democracy Day'. Well, it is according to the Fabian Society who have organised a conference in London: 'Have your say and join leading politicians, thinkers and grassroots campaigners as we debate ideas that will renew our democracy.' Democracy in Britain indeed sorely needs renewing since the war crime in Iraq, waged against the express wishes of the British people, began. Yet isn't it therefore slightly odd that the key-note speakers the Fabian Society should have chosen to lecture on 'renewing democracy' and 'holding politicians to account' include the pro-Iraq war commentator David Aaronovitch (a columnist for Rupert Murdoch's The Times) and the pro-Iraq war MP Hazel Blears?

Still, Democracy might just survive the Fabian's farsical 'Democracy Day'. After all, the last time Hazel Blears was seen anywhere was when she put herself up for election to Labour Party deputy leader. The fact she came in sixth place (out of six candidates) suggests there is still hope.



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