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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Caption please: When Bush met Brown

To start the ball rolling...

Brown: You might want to take a left now...
Bush: Hey, Tony warned me about you - are you some sort of goddamn Commie or something? The 'Labour' Party - I never could understand that - what is the 'Labour' Party all about anyway?

Bush: 'You are very humourous for a Scotsman, Mr. Brown...'
Brown: 'Mr. Bush, I am not joking, I really am the Prime Minister of Great Britain.'

Bush: 'We are writing the initial chapters of what I believe is a great ideological struggle between those who do believe in freedom and justice and human rights and human dignity and cold-blooded killers who kill innocent people to achieve their objectives.'
Brown: Congratulations, Mr. Bush, I didn't realise you had now learnt how to write. But which side of that struggle are you on again?

Brown: Mr. President, do you agree we should send Western troops into Sudan?
Bush: Yo, Brown! That's a no brainer - it's a Muslim country with huge oil reserves that we need to stop China getting...of course we should send them in!
Brown: What about the genocide?
Bush: These things always take time to organise Gordon - look at Iraq. And, after all, we haven't even started killing innocent people in Sudan yet!

Edited to add: Private Eye went with the following:

Brown: Tony sends his regards...
Bush: Tony who?

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