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Monday, July 23, 2007

Song of the young Leninists

'The five-pointed star is rising over the earth. We proletarian children will build a new world. Forward boldly, you Leninists! The commune is our watchword; let each of you fulfil the commands of Lenin.
We shall relieve the communist youth. We are the friends of every worker. The children of the world shall form one family. We will show life a new way, for the old have need of rest. We are the children of communist heroes; the spirit of the warriors is strong in us. We will build the commune sooner with the aid of science. Labour and science shall unite to make us stronger. Books will be useful to us and make our work easier. With united strength we are resolved to master science and press on further.
Come, you children, follow our fighting cry! We are free minds and not slaves. We are resolved to be tenacious and steadfast - like Il'ich Lenin'.

'Song of the young Leninists', association of Pioneers, early Soviet Russia.

From the superbly illustrated The Mind and Face of Bolshevism; An Examination of Cultural Life in Soviet Russia by Rene Fulop-Miller (1927). Hat-tip: Children's Laureate/Commissar for Children's Literature Michael Rosen.

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