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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pierre Broué: Revolutionary Historian

Revolutionary History, Volume 9, no 4

Pierre Broué: Revolutionary Historian

The latest issue of Revolutionary History is devoted to the memory of Professor Pierre Broué, the Trotskyist historian. Pierre Broué was a prolific writer, and was the author of many substantial books, including biographies of Leon Trotsky and Christian Rakovsky, and histories of the Soviet Communist Party, the Communist International, and Germany during 1918-23. He was also the editor of the prestigious Cahiers Léon Trotsky.

Only a small proportion of Broué’s material has been available in an English translation. This issue of Revolutionary History presents a range of his articles, along with a lengthy biographical essay on Broué, all of which are rendered into English for the first time.

ISBN 0 9551127 3 7, ISSN 0953 2382



Vincent Présumey, Pierre Broué (a biographical essay)

Articles by Pierre Broué

1. Remarks on the History of the Bolshevik Party

2. Spartacism, Bolshevism and Ultra-Leftism in Face of the Problems of the Proletarian Revolution in Germany (1918-1923)

3. Five Years On (the Bolshevisation of the Comintern)

4. The ‘Bloc’ of the Oppositions against Stalin in the USSR in 1932

5. The Socialist Youth in Spain (1934-1936)

6. Kurt Landau

7. In Germany for the International (Leon Sedov’s work in Germany)

8. Jean Van Heijenoort

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See this.

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that's a fucking killer book cover

At 12:10 pm, Anonymous Geoff Collier said...

Have you thought of getting your (and mine) univ library to take out a sub to Revolutionary History? I'm sure a lecturer would carry more weight than a mere undergraduate


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