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Saturday, October 06, 2007

New Socialist Review

While sometimes the monthly Socialist Review can feel a little lightweight, the latest issue which has just been put online is really worth a look. Among the many interesting articles, I would just highlight Paul Gilroy talking about the new book, Black Britain; A Photographic History, an interview with Naomi Klein and a review of a new book on History and Revolution. Speaking of revolutionary history, I would also highlight the Lewisham 77 blog, which commemorates the smashing of the National Front thirty years ago, and also fact that the latest newsletter of the London Socialist Historians Group is online now, and has been critically reviewed already here. Finally, those in London in November might be interested in registering for the 2007 Historical Materialism Conference, at SOAS, 9–11 November, which I plan to attend this year for the first time...

Edited to add: A quick reminder about this:


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