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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Socialist seminars and conferences

Those near London might be interested in the following:

The London Socialist Historians Group are holding the following seminars at the Institute of Historical Research, Senate House, Malet Street.

Monday April 21st, 5.30pm, Stan Newens, 'No Bombs and No Bosses: CND and the Left 50 years on.'
Monday May 12th, 5.30pm, Mike Marqusee; David Renton, Andrew Smith, 'The View from Beyond the Boundary. The Left and cricket.'
Monday May 19th, 5.30pm, Gerd Rainer-Horn, '1968 40 Years on: a European Perspective.'
Monday June 3rd, 5.30pm, Ellen Ramsay, 'Moncure D.Conway (1832-1907): Rationalism, and the Abolition of Slavery.'

There is of course also also this conference on 1968 in London on Saturday May 10th, and then Marxism 2008 in London in July.

Incidently, those near Canada might also consider attending the Historical Materialism conference at Toronto from 24-26 April - see here

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At 5:00 am, Blogger Bob Feldman 68 said...

To mark the 40th anniversary of the 1968 Columbia Anti-War Student Revolt against Columbia University's complicity with U.S. imperialism,


veterans of the 1968 Columbia Student Strike will be converging on Columbia University's campus in New York City between April 24 and April 27, 2008. See the following link for the schedule of commemoration events:



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