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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Towards the abolition of White Season

I am afraid I haven't caught the much hyped BBC's 'White Season' myself. Ostensibly about the British working class, from what I have heard about it it seems they decided to ignore questions of exploitation - the defining thing which shapes class and classes after all - and certainly decided to ignore questions of class struggle. Instead, they focused on race. In itself this might have been okay - for example an examination of the 'white working class' which could have then been followed up with an examination of the black working class, the asian working class and so on, but unfortunately the BBC being the BBC they couldn't help but go down a racist route - as has been widely discussed on the British left blogosphere and elsewhere. As a contribution to this debate, I thought I would just highlight an article from the Histomat archive entitled 'The invention of the white working class, which briefly explored the historical dimensions of 'whiteness' in relation to the British working class.

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